Innovation driving seamless customer experiences

LegalStream is at the forefront of next-generation legal and lender process outsourcing. With a deep commitment to innovation, we leverage cutting-edge digital technology to deliver efficient processes that ensure a seamless customer experience.

Integrated with market-leading technologies

Our digital offering incorporates market-leading technologies, including PEXA, DocuSign, and Power BI. These partnerships enable us to deliver superior digital experiences for our clients and their customers.

Real-time intelligence and informed decision-making

Through our client portal, MStream, you gain access to real-time intelligence, empowering you to make highly informed decisions at every step of the mortgage process. Stay ahead with comprehensive reporting and data-driven insights.

Proven excellence and customer focus

With a track record of excellence, LegalStream has established itself as a trusted partner for mortgage originators, brokers, and major bank lenders. We prioritise customer satisfaction and are committed to delivering exceptional service.

Our People

LegalStream's management is led by Managing Director, Joe O’Neill who takes direct responsibility for the performance of the entire LegalStream team.

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Our People


  • 1970

    Burkhart & Company, law stationer and legal agent

  • 1997

    Offers mortgage processing settlement services for lenders - finances, discharges and variations

  • 2000

    Appointed licensed broker for public information databases

  • 2004

    With the new name of LegalStream, we become a legal corporation, offering 'end to end' mortgage processing services including loan contract preparation

  • 2009

    Further expansion into mortgage recovery with specialised default/statutory notice and mortgagee sales processes

  • 2023

    LegalStream offers expertise and experience right through the mortgage cycle, supported by an innovative culture and integration of proven technologies